Every relationship at some point has an ebb and flow to it. There are moments of excitement, fun, and closeness to cherish, and there comes the period when there are frustrating moments when the road is rough. At times like this most couples always hope and wish it will all go away, but sometimes they cause a dent in relationships.

All relationships are special, and after investing time, love, and what have you in it, it will be devastating to see it crumble.

Here are 6 signs you might want to consider couples counseling.

1. You fight all the time.

 There will always be fights and arguments between couples but when it becomes unhealthy – like name-calling. when it gets to the point when you can’t have a conversation with your partner without fighting, then you should consider couple counseling.

A therapist can help you learn how to communicate with one another more calmly and ensure you treat each other with respect.

2. Bickering more than necessary.

Bickering always has a way of wearing down the goodwill that exists between happy couples which will eventually lead to irritating conversations. This can be so exhausting.

Bickering can be a result of the inability to effectively communicate. The worst part is that those that bicker don’t know they do, so as a supportive partner when you notice this you should suggest seeing a therapist who can help cut down bickering significantly.

3. When you feel both you and your partner don’t speak the same language

Fighting, bickering are not the only signs that you both need counseling. At that point when you always feel your partner doesn’t understand you anymore when you think what you are saying is always different from what your partner hears or think, then seeing a therapist can help you understand the differences in your communication pattern and style

4. Acting like everything is perfect.

 In every relationship, there are two types of couples, some bicker while the other tends to brush things under the carpet and act like all is well.

If you always find yourself overlooking important issues and act like everything is perfect, then you should consider paying a therapist a visit, it could be that you are scared or don’t know how to tackle these issues. A therapist can help you know how to tackle these issues head-on.

5. Certain issues keep coming up

When certain issues seem so difficult to handle or it keeps coming back even after talking about it or you both keep going around it in circles then it is obvious you’ve figured out the root cause of the problem. This is the time you schedule an appointment with a therapist to help you both figure things out

6. Not on the same page when it comes to sex. 

Sex has always been one of the major reasons couple fights. A mismatched sex drive can cause a lot of fights and arguments in a relationship. A sex therapist for sexual-related issues is highly recommended.

The list goes on and what you should understand is that therapy is not a bad thing, there’s always something new for everyone to learn, and going to therapy is a sign you value your relationship and you want it to work.