Agreement & Disclaimer
  1. That I agree to use this OBIM, LLC web application only for the sole purpose of finding a relationship for life-long marriage.
  1. That I shall not use this web application for any other purpose except to find a relationship for marriage.
  1. That I shall not use the web application to solicit for money, business or any other thing save for the sole purpose of finding a relationship for marriage.
  1. That if I violate any of the above clauses, I could be sued to the full extent of the law; in a court of competent jurisdiction anywhere in the US and, or any other country as may be deemed appropriate to seek damages as may be determined by the court.
  1. That the Management/Owner(s)/Operator(s) of this web application reserve the right and discretion to conduct a random and independent investigation on any user(s) of this web application to determine the truthfulness of information or identity of any such user(s) of the platform.
  1. That if I violate this agreement, the operators/owners of this web application reserve the right to remove/delete my information from the site without notice or any legal or financial recourse to them.
  1. That the Management/Owner(s)/Operators of this web application bears no responsibility for any outcome between users of this platform.
  1. That it is the responsibility of any user to investigate the information of the individual or person they are interacting with on the platform.
  1. That the Management/Owners/Operators of this web application shall be wholly and completely indemnify from any legal action or proceeding arising from any fraudulent or illegal use of this platform by any user or users.
  1. That it is the discretion of the user or users to pursue any legal remedy or remedies against another user or users in violation of any of the above rules and agreement, independent of OBIM, LLC.
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Under no circumstances shall OBIM, LLC be liable for incidental, special, indirect, direct, or consequential damages or loss of profits, interruption of business, or related expenses which may arise from your use of or inability to use OBIM, LLC web application and other services provided

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possibility of such damages.

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