Have you ever been on a date, did all you could to impress her but she lost interest after putting in so much effort? Wow! Heartbreaking, right?

How you start out on your first date often sets the tone for the whole relationship, there are always things that make all the difference.  

As the saying goes, first impression counts, it is also true when it comes to dating too. You might have met her in person once or twice in the coffee shop but it is very important to get it right when you properly set up a date if you truly want to keep her interested.

Here are 9 ways to impress her on the first date and to make her want to go out with you more often.

1. Be punctual. 

It doesn’t matter if you are meeting her somewhere or picking her up. The right thing to do is for you to be punctual.

It is rude to always keep a lady waiting. Showing up late might ruin the rest of the evening.

2. Dress Nicely

Showing up looking great tells her you think she is worth putting in the effort. Remember, looks aren’t everything but it counts. Dress to impress, it always works. Not dressing nicely can easily turn off a lady on your first date

3. Be prepared

It is always like a job interview on the first date. There will be a lot of questions coming from her, so you have to be ready for whatever she may be asking you.

She will definitely want to know about your background, your hobbies, your aspirations, and so on. So be prepared to answer any questions thrown at you.

4. Genuinely engage her

Truly engage her, take genuine interest in her if you truly want to create a lasting impression because if you are not interested in her she will pick up on it.

Ask her questions about what she likes or enjoying doing, ask her questions about her education, job, and family.

5. Leave your comfort zone.

 You have to be outgoing and chatty. When you are shy and don’t have much to say to her, trust me the outing will be so awkward. Also do not be over chatty, don’t make her feel intimidated else you will kill the vibes.

6. Keep your ego in check.

 Don’t over brag especially when you are trying to impress her. Even if your life is so good and impressive, do not let your ego get in the way. If you can’t stop saying how amazing your life is, your net worth, how cute you are, and so on, you will end up making her lose interest in you. Humility is one of the key qualities a lady will always look out for on your date.

7. Leave your ex out of your discussion.

There is no reason at all to mention your ex on a first date. Doing so is a red flag. Leave her out of all discussions. Discussing about your ex gives your date the impression that you are not over your ex. And if your date asks you about her, don’t dive into it, just mention it briefly and move on to another topic.

8. Be in charge. 

You don’t have to wait for her to make all the decisions or moves. Avoid phrases like “I don’t know, what do you want to get?” Don’t be indecisive, make decisions, take control.

9. Don’t sit in silence for too long.

Temporary silence is not bad, don’t just allow it for an extended period as this can be really awkward on first dates.

Strike up a conversation or share a joke to ease up the atmosphere and you will see her smiling.

First dates can sometimes be intimidating, just go with these tips on how to win her over on your first date and you will soon become a pro. Go out there and get yourself a follow up date.